Thursday, January 10, 2008

What The Gun Haters Didn't Tell You Today

9 JAN 2008

Charlie Merrill was in the checkout line at Buck's IGA grocery store in Indianapolis when 19 year old Dwain Smith came into the store, pulled a gun and put it to the head of an employee during an attempted robbery. That's when Charlie, 51 years old, pulled his legally concealed firearm and ordered the would-be robber to drop his gun.

The tables having been turned on him, the robber dropped his weapon, put his hands behind his head and waited for police to arrive while Merrill, a Right to Carry permit holder, held him at gunpoint. When officers arrived, Smith was taken into custody and Merrill went on his way.

To those who say armed citizens don't deter crime and only add fuel to the fire of gun violence... try telling that to the employees and shoppers at Buck's IGA in Indianapolis!

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Anonymous said...

I always feel much safer in public, knowing my honey can defend us if the need should ever arise.

Thank you...honey...for taking a stand.

- Erin