Wednesday, January 30, 2008

And The Race Tightens

With news today of John Edwards and Rudy Giuliani dropping out of the race, the presidential candidate field is tightening. Giuliani's strategy of skipping early states to focus his efforts solely on Florida was a miserable failure. And while Mike Huckabee remains steadfastly in the race, his campaign appears to be all but finished with no wins since Iowa and a distant third place finish in Florida. So the democrat race is down to Obama v. Clinton and the republican race is essentially down to McCain v. Romney.

While I'm not entirely comfortable with urging my readers to vote for one candidate in particular, I feel compelled to suggest that America would be better off pitting a CONSERVATIVE Republican versus the democrat nominee, be it Clinton or Obama. Hence, I am hoping to see Romney pull off some big wins next week during "super Tuesday." Frankly, I do not want to find myself in the position of having to vote for one liberal over another in November and if McCain were to win the GOP nod, that's exactly where we would find ourselves.

Don't get me wrong, I respect the hell out of Senator McCain. His lifelong service to our country as a Naval aviator, Congressman and Senator speaks volumes to his patriotism. But if anyone doubts my assessment of McCain as being a fairly liberal Republican, do some research. His political stance can be summed with his three most recent pieces of legislation. McCain/Kennedy, McCain/Feingold and McCain/Lieberman. These bills consisted of the illegal immigration amnesty bill as well as a 50 cent tax increase on gasoline. Hey folks, it already costs WAY too much to fill up at the gas station without a 50 cent increase on federal gasoline tax! And we all know how America feels about granting amnesty to illegal aliens who are bankrupting many American hospitals, schools and cities. Remember when the Senate switchboard was overloaded with calls from angry voters when Senators voted on the amnesty package? That was the McCain/Kennedy bill.

So for my readers like "Undecided in Colorado" who will vote on "Super Tuesday", I hope you will give consideration to my words. Do some research into McCain and Romney. I think you will find that Mitt Romney is clearly the best choice to take on the mental disorder we all know as LIBERALISM. You don't cure cancer with cancer, folks. Vote conservative... vote Romney!

-- Skyboss

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