Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Mexicans Are Coming!

Reported today, Mexican lawmakers are planning a cross-border meeting with Arizona legislators to discuss illegal immigration. It seems Mexico is having problems with illegal immigrants RETURNING to Mexico en masse and the Mexican government says it cannot afford to house or feed so many self-deporting illegals from the U.S.

Arizona recently took action to solve its illegal immigrant problem... action that the federal government has been unwilling to fulfill. Arizona is cracking down on employers who knowingly hire illegals. The voter approved legislation, which went into effect on the first of the year, lessens the economic incentive for illegal immigrants in Arizona.

By all accounts, the plan is working exceedingly well. Not only is Arizona seeing fewer and fewer illegals coming into the state, but the ones who are there are beginning to deport themselves to other states, or in many cases, back to Mexico! Illegals in the state are urging their friends and families back in Mexico to stay put thanks to the crackdown.

More proof that the plan is working is the news today that Mexican lawmakers will travel to Arizona to ask that the crackdown be stopped. It would seem Mexico is having a hard time swallowing its own medicine! Of course, the LEGAL American citizens in Arizona have obviously had enough of the flood of illegals into their state, so they likely won't stand for foreign lawmakers trying to tell them how to run their state. But Mexico has some nerve thinking it can tell the United States what to do. It's enough to make this blogger furious. It should make us all furious! I say screw 'em! Let Mexico choke on its own problems!

-- Skyboss

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