Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Back- Door Tax on the Middle Class-- IOWA

Iowa Gov. Chet Culver is asking lawmakers to DOUBLE the deposit on bottles and cans to pay for a new state "environmental program." Iowans, who currently pay a 5 cent deposit on beverages, would suddenly find themselves paying 10 cents. Under this new plan, instead of having the full amount refunded at recycling centers, consumers would receive only an 8 cent refund. The remaining 2 cents would be split between the retailer and the state!! The retailer's penny would cover the cost of handling returned bottles and cans while the state's penny would supposedly fund the environmental program.

See where this is going, folks? This is nothing short of a back-door tax increase on Iowans. Iowa's government, like a handful of other states, already attempts to FORCE us to recycle by imposing a deposit on beverages. But at least under current rules the consumer can get that deposit back in full. Under the new proposal, even if Iowans choose to recycle their beverage containers, they will pay an additional 2 cents that is non-refundable!

And what really is the goal of all this? Could it be that our liberal lawmakers are attempting to cash in on the GLOBAL WARMING SCAM at the expense of Iowans who already pay higher than average state and property taxes?? Isn't it funny that no specific details were released regarding this so-called "environmental program?"

Honestly, this is yet more proof that liberalism is a disease! In their never-ending quest for more taxpayer $$$, liberal Iowa lawmakers are coming up with more and more creative ways to rape Iowans of their hard-earned cash! Don't stand for this crap... I know I won't! Contact your lawmakers and stand up for yourself!

-- Skyboss

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