Monday, January 28, 2008

For The "Undecideds"

Recently, I received a message from a reader who referred to himself as "Undecided in Colorado." He noted that after reading my blog, he was unable to decipher for whom and what I stood for, that he was only able to for whom and what I am against. Honestly, I think if one takes a good look at this blog, it's pretty clear what I stand for as well as what I stand against. But I appreciate his message and took it to heart. While my "negative campaigning" (as he put it) will not cease when it comes to liberals who are systematically trying to wreck this country, this blog will begin to focus more effort on convincing the "undecideds" why they should vote for and support the man pictured above.

I was part of the "Draft Fred Thompson" campaign and supported him long before he even entered the race. I felt then and feel now that Fred Thompson was the best Reagan Republican in the race. Yet sadly, he has capitulated due to lack of support. I feel that Thompson's campaign never really took off frankly because he wasn't aggressive enough in convincing America that he wanted the job. I hope he will be considered as a running mate for Vice President because he is a patriot who has always served this country well.

With that aside, I am now fully behind Gov. Mitt Romney for President of the United States! Here's why...

-- Romney recognizes the deadly threat facing America known as The War on Terror. He realizes that a strong national defense is vital to our security and that America cannot retreat from the enemy! Romney realizes, unlike his democrat counterparts, that the enemy cannot be appeased and bargained with, that the enemy must be killed or captured and that America must be ever vigilant and offensive to protect herself from Islamic terrorists who will stop at nothing to destroy our way of life.

-- Romney has a clear, positive vision for improving America's economy. His plan includes reducing the corporate tax rate. Few people realize that America has the highest corporate tax rate of any industrialized nation in the world (35% compared to 30% or lower in other countries). No matter how you feel about "big business", they are the companies who employ Americans and make the products we need and want for our daily lives. Tax cuts for corporations and small business encourages growth and employment. And more than any other candidate, Romney is well schooled in economic growth.

-- Romney's message for America is positive and optimistic. While the democrats constantly spew messages of doom and gloom regarding America's current and future position internationally, Romney realizes the United States is the most powerful and prosperous nation in the world for a reason. It is NOT because of our government to be sure! He recognizes that America's prosperity comes from The People. We are what make this country great, not the laws passed by a far-removed group of aristocrats in Washington, D.C.

My list of reasons for supporting Gov. Romney could go on and on. I encourage my readers to do some research of their own. Look into Romney's record of achievements and I think you'll be impressed. For me, the bottom line is that Romney doesn't simply make empty promises of "change" without experience to back it up. He's not a power hungry politician's wife who has maneuvered his whole life for the most powerful position in America. Mitt Romney reflects my values which place importance on family, morals, patriotism and smaller government. Come Nov. '08, he will be getting my vote!

-- Skyboss

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