Friday, October 9, 2009

Yet Another Sign of the Coming of the Apocalypse!

Barack Millhouse Obama wins the NOBEL PEACE PRIZE!

I guess it shouldn't surprise me seeing as how this award has been given to Yasser Arafat (international terrorist and leader of the Palestinian Liberation Organization) and Jimmy Carter (nutcase, America hater and overall looney tunes).

But seriously, what in the hell has Obaaaaaaaaama done in his 10 months in office to merit any kind of award? He's turned his back on America's military in Afghanistan. Unemployment is over 10%. The federal government has taken over more private industry in this country than ever before in our history. Obama wants to take over your health insurance plan; deciding which doctor you get to visit and when, how much you pay for premiums, and what type of elective surgeries you're entitled to receive. Oh and if you don't join his Nazi-care health plan, he's going to FINE and maybe even IMPRISON you. But he's a peeeeeaceful President, right? Unbelievable.

Actually, I've got it figured out! He's received the Nobel Prize because of all he's done to weaken the most powerful nation on the planet. Because he's gone down on his knees before America's enemies while turning his back on America's allies. Remember that just a few weeks ago he cut missile defense for America's allies in Europe all in an effort to make nice with Russia, China, and Iran. The world body, those who hate America because of her success, power and riches, are all too pleased with Obama for all he's done to divide this country at home and unite our enemies against us. Marxists who have sought for so long to bring down the most powerful force for democracy and freedom from afar, finally have an ally in the White House! So that's why Obama wins the Nobel Peace Prize.

-- Skyboss