Monday, March 23, 2009

Bet You Didn't Hear THIS on Your Local News!

That's the President of the United States, Barack Millhouse Obama-Marx, making fun of the Special Olympics. To those who watch this and think to themselves, "So what?", I'd ask them to consider what the media's reaction would be if George W. Bush had made a similar joke. This would have received so much media coverage, the public would be in a furor. Yet, because it was the media's sweetheart making such an insensitive joke about handicapped persons, he receives a total pass. Outrageous!

-- Skyboss

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Glenn Beck's Take on AIG Bailout & Bonuses

Glenn Beck is right. The recent outrage over the $165 million in bonuses for AIG's top executives is nothing more than Congress and the media trying to take America's eye off the ball. Remember when you played little league baseball and you'd scream, "Hey batter, batter... swing!" at the opposing team's batter? You weren't really trying to help that batter. You were trying to distract him and get him to take his eye off the ball. Well that's exactly what the Democrat run Congress is doing to the American people.

The Congress gave $170 billion of YOUR MONEY to AIG. With no say in the matter, you, the American people, bought up 80% of a disastrous corporation with no end in sight. Meanwhile, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Barney Frank and the like have begun to witness the intense outrage of the American people. They feel it like an intense burning sensation every time they step in front of a camera. So rather than live up to the fact that they have screwed the American people royally, they are trying to distract our anger to the bonuses that AIG's executives are set to receive.

These bonus contracts were in place WELL before AIG received a dime in bailout money. The Congress and President Obama knew about these bonus contracts. Let's face facts here, $165 million is a drop in the bucket when you're talking about the big picture... $170 BILLION taxpayer dollars.

Sure, it angers me that AIG executives who have run their company into the ground are receiving bonuses they don't deserve. But what angers me even more, is that the Democrats in Congress who have enabled this whole mess, are now trying to distract our attention on the real problem. The real problem is Congress!! Oh and by the way, what the Congress and the media have not mentioned is the billions of bailout dollars that are going to foreign countries like England, France, and Sweden. Chew on that for a while! Roughly 50% of the money Congress stole from you to give to AIG, is being funneled to companies in foreign countries!

Don't let the media and Obama, Pelosi, Reid and Frank distract you! Remember the big picture! Do your own research and you'll quickly see where your anger should truly be directed!

-- Skyboss

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Democrat Charles Rangel Cusses Out Concerned American

The man confronting the corrupt New York Rep. Charlie Rangel, Jason Mattera, is NOT a journalist or a lobbyist, but rather a concerned, American citizen. A citizen who takes seriously his responsibility to hold America's elected officials accountable. The video speaks for itself.

-- Skyboss