Thursday, April 30, 2009

Did You Know...?

The Holy One, Barack Obama, has spent more of YOUR money during his first one hundred days in office than President George W. Bush spent during his entire first term!!

-- Skyboss

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Terror & Panic in New York City!

Low-flying jumbo jet causes terror and panic in New York City. Another 9/11 style terrorist attack? Nope. That's just one of the "Air Force One" aircraft posing for photos in flight (there are in fact two identical Boeing 747's that serve as "Air Force One").

What sent New Yorkers running for their lives in anticipation of another terrorist strike, in fact, was little more than a VERY expensive photo shoot for one of The Chosen One's Presidential aircraft. Problem is, nobody at the White House bothered to mention this planned event to the mayor of New York. Apparently the Obama Administration has altogether forgotten what exactly happened on 9/11/01. This truly stupid display smacks of total lack of judgment and leadership and frankly, heads should roll for it!

The Chosen One, Barack Obama, rebuked the incident calling it a "mistake", further stating, "It was something we found out about along with all of you." So in other words, we're expected to believe that the Commander in Chief is so disconnected with folks in his administration that he learned of the incident the same way we all did... by watching the news??? Outrageous!! If that's even remotely true, it demonstrates that Obama is probably the most clueless president in American history.

And aside from the irresponsible lack of communication and executive leadership, let's talk about cost for a moment. Air Force One is estimated to cost $68,000 an hour to operate, mostly for fuel. At a time when the American economy is in real trouble and taxpayer money is being squandered in attempts to rescue failing corporations from their self-induced failure, the Obama White House figures it would be a good idea to spend $68,000 an hour (not to mention the cost of the F-16 fighter escort) to take photos of Air Force One overflying New York City, all the while inciting panic and fear among the residents of greater New York.

-- Skyboss

Sunday, April 19, 2009

"I Pledge to be a Useful Idiot"

Couldn't have said it better myself. Isn't it just dandy that Ashton, Demi, and those other puke, Hollweird maggots are trying to convince the American people to be SERVANTS TO THE PRESIDENT??!! WHAT??!! I've got news for the idiots in the "I Pledge" video... pledging yourself to an elected official is not service, it's voluntary slavery!

For my part, I pledge only one thing... to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic!

Oh and by the way, I urge you NOT to watch the full "I Pledge" video on youtube. I did and found myself wanting to throw up all over keyboard. The very idea that free Americans (Hollyweird maggots) would voluntarily "pledge" themselves to be servants to our President simply makes me sick and very, VERY afraid for the future of this nation.

-- Skyboss

Patriotism Defined

It's a shame that this American patriot must conceal his identity for fear of retaliation from his own government! Remember, when government fears its people, you have liberty. When the people fear their government, you have tyranny.

And for those who may not know this, the inverted American flag at the beginning of this video is NOT a display of disrespect or contempt. An inverted American flag is a sign of distress. Clearly the Marine in this video recognizes the serious threat this nation faces. The liberties guaranteed by this great republic are being eroded away by politicians who seem to have forgotten the rules!

-- Skyboss

Thursday, April 16, 2009

From The Des Moines, IA Tea Party...

Behold... Right Wing Extremists!!

At least that's how liberal media and left-wing nutjobs described those of us who participated in the nationwide Tax Day Tea Parties yesterday. The above scenes were photographed by this blog's author at the Des Moines, Iowa Tea Party.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi went so far as to call the tea parties "a sham" in a pathetic attempt to remind America what a wonderful job she and HIS HOLINESS Barack Obama are doing. The Los Angeles Times, who never seems to have a problem with CODE PINK protesting American Marines returning from Iraq, bashed the Tea Party participants as idiots and morons. CNN "reporter", Susan Rosegen, who was sent to the Chicago Tea Party to cover the story, made herself a part of the story when she insultingly challenged tea party participants by asking them ridiculous questions and then refusing to allow them to answer. What Susan was actually doing, rather than covering an important news story, was little more than a biased, leftist, smear campaign. See for yourself...

Note: At an anti-Bush rally following Hurricane Katrina, this same reporter gleefully reported that a costumed protester mocking Bush as Hitler was a "Bush look alike."

The left and the liberal media are so incredibly disconnected with REAL AMERICANS, that they are simply dumbfounded by what is taking place across this country. What I witnessed and took part in yesterday, was ordinary Americans taking a stand against an out of control government that is selling this great nation down the toilet. This is the silent majority finally standing up and making its voice heard loud and clear, much like the Founding Fathers did. But hey, I guess according to the King of England back in 1776, they, too, were considered "right wing extremists."

I think I just might have it figured out, though. That is, why the lefties and the media are blasting these tea parties as ridiculous and silly. FEAR! They see the silent majority waking up in anger and discontent and they fear what the end result might be. Pelosi may just lose her precious crown as House Speaker. HIS HOLINESS Barack Obama may just end up being a dreaded one-termer. And, of course, if you learned anything in high school, it's that you don't ever bash the most popular guy in school. Well that's what Obama is right now. The left loves him. The media wets their pants with lust in his presence. And the very idea that us common folk would stand up against his Marxist policies is appalling!

Mark my words, this is not just a flash in the pan. Thousands of these tea parties took place across the nation yesterday. There were many more before then and there will be many more to come. Our voices WILL be heard!!

-- Skyboss

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Obama Bows Before Saudi King

During Obama's recent G20 trip where he called Americans "arrogant", told the Muslim world that America is not a "Christian nation", and praised the European Union for it's "leadership" role in the world, he took time to demonstrate his submission to foreign leaders. I guess it's appropriate, though. After all, at the rate at which Obama is selling out America's prosperity to the highest bidder, we may all, one day, have to bow before foreign leaders.

-- Skyboss