Saturday, August 30, 2008

So Just Who is Sarah Palin?

I'll set out to answer just a few of those questions and express why I am so excited to see her on the Republican ticket for President of the United States and why I think she's a brilliant candidate for Vice President.

-- Sarah Palin, mother of five, began her political career as a two-term city council member in Wasilla, Alaska.

-- In 2006, Sarah defeated a corrupt incumbent Republican governor in the primary and despite being outspent by her Democrat opponent, she won the general election by an 8 point margin, becoming Alaska's first female and youngest person ever elected Governor, immediately setting out to cut wasteful government projects and spending that burden the people.

-- Gov. Palin is a lifetime NRA member and strong proponent for 2nd Amendment rights.

-- She's an avid hunter and fisherman.

-- Palin supports increased domestic oil and natural gas production, including drilling in Alaska's National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR).

-- When Alaska began to accumulate a windfall surplus from high oil/gasoline prices, she passed this surplus along to the people of Alaska to the tune of $1,200 per taxpayer, while many politicians of lesser caliber would simply have found a way to squander said surplus.

-- Palin's oldest son is an infantry Soldier in the U.S. Army, preparing to deploy to Iraq (compare to Joe Biden's son who is a special interest lobbyist in Washington, D.C.)

-- Sarah opposes gay marriage and firmly believes that marriage can only truly exist between a man and a woman, in both God's eyes and the eyes of the law.

-- She has the Executive experience that both Barack Obama and Joe Biden lack.

-- She is not hypnotized by the utter myth of "global warming."

-- Young, energetic and intelligent, Palin rightly believe that America's leaders are elected to serve The People, not the other way around.

-- And finally, as Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin has enjoyed a 90% approval rating, which speaks volumes to me.

I could go on, but this entry is getting more lengthy than I'd like. I invite you to do some research and discover for yourself why Sarah Palin is the right choice for Vice President and why the McCain/Palin team is right for this country. I close in saying that while I have warmed up to John McCain in recent months, his choice in Gov. Palin for running mate has really got me fired up. Her intelligence, tenacity, appeal and strong, conservative record make her a great asset to McCain. And I finally, truly believe that with her by his side, John McCain will defeat "The Messiah" and become the next President of the United States.

-- Skyboss

MSNBC Proudly Displays Its Bias

Well, we can clearly see whose side MSNBC is on. Subjectivity with that network died long ago. It's stunts like this, along with their clear, liberal bias, that make MSNBC DEAD LAST in cable news polls day after day after day. Their failure to connect with the American people is astounding.

-- Skyboss

Friday, August 29, 2008


McCain picks Gov. Sarah Palin (R-AK) for running mate. This is huge and a brilliant move by John McCain. There will be more to come about Gov. Palin on My Voice, but for now, enjoy the inspirational introduction that has finally got me fired up about the upcoming election!

-- Skyboss

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sorry Folks...

I just couldn't do it. I tried watching The Messiah's speech tonight accepting the Democrat nomination for President of the United States. I laughed to myself when I saw him surrounded by Greek style pillars and columns, reminiscent of the God-like status bestowed upon him by himself and his followers.

But alas, that was about as far as I could get. I just couldn't stomach the snake-oil BULLSHIT spewing out of Barack Obama's mouth. I'm sure you'll get plenty of juicy tidbits from FoxNews and the internet and I'm sure there are many bloggers out there who had the courage and strong stomach that I lacked tonight.

Stay tuned to My Voice for more exciting blog entries.

-- Skyboss

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Freudian Slip 2 -- Barack Who??

Freudian Slip

Reality Check

Barack Obama can no longer tout himself as the candidate of "change." At least, not with a straight face. "The One" has chosen Joe Biden to be his running mate. Senator Joe Biden of Delaware is the epitome of career politician. Elected to the Senate in 1972 at the age of 29, Biden is an arrogant, condescending, mean-spirited, dyed-in-the-wool liberal. His son is a prominent Washington lobbyist. So much for Obama's idea of "change" in Washington.

Aside from the fact that Biden has significantly more experience than Obama, his selection for the Vice Presidential nomination presents Obama with numerous problems. Biden voted to authorize the Iraq War (OOPS). Biden does little to help Obama gain favor with women voters. Biden has poor name recognition; in fact, he finished FIFTH in the Iowa Caucus with only a few thousand votes earlier this year, resulting in him being the first Democrat candidate to drop out of the Presidential race. Finally, Biden's selection will prove to be yet another slap in the face of Hillary Clinton supporters who continue to struggle with warming up to Barack Obama.

One thing I found most interesting was during Biden's first campaign stop with Barack Obama when he said, "It's time for total change in Washington." That's a statement I completely agree with, but would putting two die-hard liberals who promote the same, tired, Marxist policies really constitute total change?

The reality check is that while Barack Obama may be the new kid on the block, his selection of Senator Biden for Vice President clearly shows where he stands. Obama talks the talk about "change" and "hope", but he's nothing more than just another tax & spend liberal with a fresh face. The only change we'd see from a President Obama and Vice President Biden would be the change in our pockets after being taxed beyond recognition!

-- Skyboss

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Outrage in the Nation's Capital

Despite the landmark Supreme Court ruling earlier this summer, confirming the individual right to keep and bear arms under the 2nd Amendment, Washington, D.C. continues to defy the law of the land. The District has enacted "emergency legislation laws" in blatant disregard for the Supreme Court's ruling and continues to unlawfully reject the pistol permit applications of its residents. In fact, since the Court's ruling, of the 400 pistol applications submitted, only 16 have been granted!

Further evidence shows that the District has made the simple act of applying for a pistol permit extremely difficult, in an apparent attempt to discourage applicants. Applicants are forced to jump through hoops such as multiple visits to police headquarters, passing a written test on D.C. handgun laws and submitting their pistol for "ballistic fingerprinting" only to have their application rejected anyway. Here's the kicker, unless a D.C. resident already has a pistol permit, he/she CANNOT legally transport his/her pistol to law enforcement for ballistic testing. Washington, D.C. continues to refuse its residents the basic human right to self-defense. The gang-bangers, thugs, rapists and armed robbers must be laughing their ass off since these draconian rules do not apply to them. They continue to use firearms to commit their heinous crimes while law-abiding citizens are being told to pay massive fees and jump through dozens of hoops merely to apply for their RIGHT to own a functioning firearm for personal protection.

Thankfully, a bi-partisan effort to alleviate this fascism is underway in the U.S. Congress and shockingly enough, it has the support of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who has promised to put the bill up for a vote. The Second Amendment Enforcement Act (H.R. 6691) will repeal the District's ban on semi-automatic pistols. Semi-automatic pistols have been the most popular and commonly purchased handguns in the United States for the last 20 years. D.C. continues to ban semi-automatic handguns despite the Supreme Court ruling that said ban is unconstitutional.

H.R. 6691 will further repeal the current D.C. registration system that requires multiple visits to police headquarters, ballistics testing, passing a written test on D.C. gun laws, fingerprinting and limiting registration to one handgun per 90 days. The current system is unduly burdensome according to H.R. 6691.

-- Skyboss

Monday, August 18, 2008

Watch This...

A perfect example of what I wrote about in yesterday's blog entry. Note how Barack Obama squirms and fails to give a specific answer when put on the spot, while Senator John McCain immediately gives his opinion. It's almost as though Obama would rather wait for a poll on the subject...

Pastor Rick Warren asks the candidates when they think a baby's human rights begin.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

My Thoughts

In case any of you missed it, Senators John McCain and Barack Obama sqaured off Saturday night. But they didn't square off against each other, they squared off with Pastor Rick Warren, author of "The Purpose Driven Life." The discussion was held at Pastor Warren's Saddleback Church in California. Pastor Warren asked both candidates the exact same questions. The candidates were separated and were unable to hear one another's answers.

While I didn't watch both interviews in their entirety, I'd like to share some of my thoughts based on what I did see.

First of all, Barack Obama struck me as just plain flat-footed. He failed to make eye contact with Pastor Warren. Answering unscripted questions seemed to throw Obama off guard. He lacked engagement with the audience. His answers were unbelievably vague and philosophical in tone, lacking specificity. Obama was painfully boring to listen to and his answers fell far short of providing any real answers for positive "CHANGE." Obama seemed distant and disconnected; perhaps because, for once in his life, he wasn't surrounded by thousands of his screaming, fainting fanatics. I must admit though, I did find myself chuckling when Pastor Warren asked Obama what he thought his greatest moral failure was up to this point in his life. Obama talked about his past drug use and how he USED TO think only about himself. About how he USED TO be self-centered and arrogant. I guess some things just never change.

On the other hand, Senator John McCain appeared confident and comfortable. He made respectful eye contact with Pastor Warren. McCain engaged the audience and directed his answers at them as well as Warren. McCain smiled, joked and poked a little fun at himself. His answers were specific, direct and to the point and came quickly. The audience responded well to Senator McCain and his ability to connect with them. In my humble opinion, McCain came across like I knew he would... the most experienced candidate for the Presidency of the United States.

Saturday night's forum at the Saddleback Church revealed a lot about our two candidates for President. With the comfort zone of the political stump removed, we got to see the two men for who they really are. Barack Obama revealed himself once again as a vague, inexperienced new kid on the block, while Senator McCain proved himself to be the right man for the job, showing strength, poise, wisdom and experience.

Being the die-hard conservative I am, I've certainly had my issues with Senator McCain over the years. It's not hard to say that I disagree with him on more than a few political issues. Having said that, John McCain has earned my respect since becoming the Republican Presidential nominee. His positions on taxes, wasteful government spending, off-shore oil drilling, expanding nuclear power and the 2nd Amendment are just a few of the reasons I am now happy to support him for President. I hope more Americans were able to see through Obama's smokescreen for the fake he really is. And I hope more Americans were able to see why John McCain should be America's next President.

-- Skyboss