Friday, January 11, 2008

Regarding Iraq -- The Silence is Deafening

I find myself wondering whatever happened to the left's constant protests about the Iraq War, or what they so frequently referred to as "a quagmire." Months ago, Clinton, Obama and Edwards barely let a minute pass where they weren't attempting to convince the American people that the war was a disaster that was failing to achieve desired results. Remember, just a few months ago some lefties referred to our troops as "conquerors" and "war criminals." Americans were dying senselessly and full retreat was the only workable strategy.

Well here we are with a new Commanding General and a new strategy. Iraqi tribes, tired of the senseless slaughter of their own by Al Qaeda, have joined forces with the United States Military. Iraq is finally taking responsibility for their own security and are fighting back against terror. U.S. casualties are down up to 80%. Iraqi civilian casualties are down 70%. Al Qaeda in Iraq has essentially been dismantled as an effective fighting force. By any and all objective measures, the tide has turned on radical jihadists in Iraq and the enemy is taking a serious ass kicking!

So where is the media now? Where are the reports from the New York Times, the L.A. Times and the Cleveland Plain Dealer on the major success in Iraq. Why now are Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John Edwards so silent on the subject? Could it be that the Left and the Democrat Presidential candidates are disheartened by GOOD NEWS? Could it be that Clinton, Edwards and Obama can no longer point their finger at the American people and say, "I told ya so!" Could it be that they don't want to eat the massive plate of humble pie placed before them and admit they were DEAD WRONG to undermine the war effort?

The simple fact is the liberals in this country have been salivating for America to LOSE the War on Terror... a war that was brought to our doorsteps even long before 9/11. And the only reason for their lust for defeat is because a "dumb, Texas cowboy" is in charge and not them! Liberalism is a mental disorder, folks. This disorder is dangerous for America's security and national interests. The only treatment for this disorder is your vote and your voice!! Please think long and hard about that between now and Nov. 2008.

-- Skyboss


Anonymous said...

I totally agree, liberals need to ask themselves WHY they feel the war is wrong.

Is it ONLY because they think they need to pick the opposite of Republicans?

Why can't both political parties see the same side of right and wrong?

Simply choosing opposite sides because of party affiliation is pure stupidity.


Anonymous said...

After reading your blog I can't tell who you are for, or what you stand for. Only what you stand against. If you truly want to start changing peoples minds and educating them. maybe educate them about the right way instead of this negative "campaign" that you are running against the democrats. We can all tell you can't stand them but what do the republicans have to offer? I am not going to vote republican just beacause you can dig up a bunch of bad shit about the democrats. I know I can go and find just as much stuff about the republicans that are running. They are all crooks. Stop your negative campaign, nobody responds well to that

Undecided In Colorado