Tuesday, May 1, 2007

May Day Protests

Well, the illegals are at it once again, marching today in cities across America demanding "fair treatment and equal rights." Demanding?? What in the world gives criminals, who have broken AMERICAN laws, and who are here ILLEGALLY, the right to demand anything? Having read the Constitution, I can't recall seeing anything about the rights contained therein applying to illegal immigrants.

Imagine for a moment what the response would be if you moved to Mexico and refused to speak their language and adapt to their customs and then demanded "fair treatment", free medical care, drivers licenses and the right to vote in Mexican elections. I suggest that you would be laughed right out of the country, maybe even thrown in prison.

I keep hearing members of the liberal left saying, "America is a nation of immigrants, we should treat them humanely and fairly." Hey, this is NOT about immigration. America has always welcomed immigrants with open arms. This is about ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION. We are a nation of laws and borders for good reason. What about the thousands of British, Chinese, Koreans and others who emigrate here legally each year. They wait in line, they do the proper paperwork and fulfill the necessary requirements. So why is it that our poor friends south of the border should receive preferential treatment?

Illegals from Latin America are invading this great country at an alarming rate. It's time for us Americans to tell Congress and the White House that enough is enough! This is OUR country, not THEIRS. Our elected officials work for US, not THEM! It's also time for us to demand that if immigrants from Central America want to be treated like Americans, then they should ACT like Americans.



Mav's Girl said...

HERE! HERE!...I totally agree.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more!

P.S. I would like to nominate a few democrats to positions in the Mexican government.

Ohio Dad

Redblood said...

Couldn't agree more Skyboss. You missed one thing though. The May Day protests turned violent in Los Angeles. The police responded in kind with rubber bullets and riot gear. Now, there is an investigation into the police officers' actions. I'm sure that no matter how justified, the liberal left will find fault with the police officers' actions, and not the ILLEGAL citizens' actions.

Skyboss said...


Thanks for the update. And you're right. The police officers will be likely be admonished for upholding THE LAW against the poor, helpless criminals.

Redblood said...

Well, it didn't take long for the libs to get their way. Up to 60, that's right SIXTY officers are off the streets in LA.

Nevermind the fact that 30-40 protestors became violent and started throwing rocks, sticks, and bottles at the police.

Oh that's right... people aren't allowed to defend themselves, even police, apparantly. You can't even defend yourself from an illegal immigrant in LA.

Yet one more example of common sense yielding to the pressures of the ACLU and the extreme left. We must stop this madness!