Saturday, May 5, 2007

Hillary's Broken Promise

In July of 2006, Hillary Clinton gave a speech urging Americans to vote Democrat if they wanted to see gas prices fall. She claimed that as long as Republicans, who are "in bed with big oil companies", are in charge, gas prices would remain high. On the day she gave that speech, the national average for a gallon of regular unleaded was $3.00.

So here we are, almost a year later and sure enough, the Dems control Congress. Oddly enough, today's national average for a gallon of regular unleaded was $3.01. How could this be?? Hillary promised lower gas prices, yet somehow they actually went up! How shocking!! Why it must be Bush's fault (insert right wing sarcasm)!

Here's the simple truth that the Libs DON'T want us to know. Gas prices will continue to go up for one simple reason. It's not due to a shortage of oil. It's not due to a vast, right-wing conspiracy to keep the working man down. It's because Liberals and Eco-Nazis have made it nearly impossible for oil companies to upgrade their infrastructure. America hasn't built a new oil refinery in nearly 30 years!! Think about the population growth in the past 30 years. How many more people are driving. And yet, Democrats have made it impossible for oil companies to keep up with growth. Look at Iran. Iran has more oil than any other nation on Earth, but they have NO refineries. Iran actually has to pay other countries to refine its own oil, thus, they have extremely high gasoline prices.

Alas, Hillary has once again been caught up in her own web of deceit and lies. Caught making a promise to the American people that she KNEW she couldn't keep. Sadly, too many Americans are all too often hypnotized by her evil spells. I, for one, will never fall victim to her deceptive tactics. Hopefully, neither will my readers!


Mav's Girl said...

I expect nothing good from Hitlary. I hope Americans are smart enough to see through her lies.

Mac said...

Not only has the left in America made it damn near impossible to build new refineries but they have stopped exploration for new oil fields. They have passed legislation that requires that oil companies add the expensive additives to the fuel to "make it burn cleaner". Maybe thats a good thing but the additive mix is different in every region of the country and a different additive mix for diffrent times of the year for each region. Therefor, the oil refineries must shut down production to change the mix for a different region of the country. The cost of production shutdown is very high so I propose that we aggree on a additive mix that can be used on all regions at all times of the year. That alone would greatly reduce the cost of gas at the pump. Maybe if the democrats would come to the table with some real solutions instead of empty promises we would all feel less pain at the pump this summer.

Mav's Girl said...

Just like everyone else, I'm still watching the average gas price go up, and up, and up...
hen will the Democrats' promises to get prices lowered start to kick in?

If you are one of the dummycrats that still expect that to happen...brace's a "pipe" dream (oil pipeline, that is).