Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Advisers Say Fred Thompson Will Run!

This is outstanding news for America, especially for moderate and conservative Americans. The current Republican field of Presidential candidates has left conservative voters thirsting for a true "Ronald Reagan" type candidate to latch onto. Now it seems that we'll officially have that candidate in July.

While Thompson's web site and personal blog are linked to the right of this web page, I'll take a few moments to explain why I am personally so excited to see him run.

1. Fred Thompson believes in strong national defense.

2. He says what he believes and believes what he says. Thompson strongly supports ALL of the U.S. Constitution, not just bits and pieces of it.

3. He is well aware that lower taxes on ALL Americans provides economic growth and reduces the national unemployment rate.

4. Thompson inspires optimism, courage and a strong belief in the greatness of this nation. You won't hear him blaming America for terrorism and Islamo-Fascism.

5. Thompson's record is rock solid! He has never waffled on his personal beliefs or political opinion for the purpose of advancing his career.

6. Fred Thompson is a winner! He places THIRD in most national polls among conservative voters and he isn't even officially a candidate... yet!

7. Thompson doesn't kowtow for votes by inventing a fake, southern, black accent (like Hillary Clinton). He doesn't divide Americans into social classes like Obama and Edwards. Fred Thompson is a candidate for ALL Americans.

8. Finally, like Ronald Reagan and myself, Thompson believes that America is the greatest nation on Earth and he won't empathize with the enemies of freedom and liberty! America doesn't owe anyone an apology for her strength and wealth. No candidate understands these vital principles of PATRIOTISM like Fred Thompson!

Fred Thompson's bio can be read here:


Mav's Girl said...

He's got my vote!

Mac said...

I like Fred Thompson a lot and I think he would make a outstanding President. I personally would like to see a Thompson-Romney ticket. My hope is that Thompson can buck the recent trend in Presidential politics. Take a look at the past Presidential canidates that won.

Ford-not elected to office

We havent had a senator since Kennedy become President. In the last 6 Presidential cycles, 5 President's have been Govenor's. I don't know if this means anything other than being a trend but I hope that he can beat this trend!!