Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Apathy, Cowardice and Liberalism


The savage beating of a 91-year old WWII veteran in Detroit, MI. provides some thought-provoking insight into the psyche of America today. This poor man was viciously beaten by a 22-year old man during a carjacking in which the victim seemed unable to offer any resistance other than staying on his feet despite numerous blows to the head by a younger, stronger man. This attack occured just feet away from a group of other able-bodied young men who stood by and did NOTHING as this assault took place.

America used to be a nation of strong, self-reliant men and women. We were taught to think for ourselves and help others in need. Moral values taught us to be good citizens and to protect those who couldn't protect themselves. Self-reliance meant not simply calling the police and walking away when assistance could reasonably be rendered. Sadly, far too often, this no longer seems to be the case. I truly believe this is due to the culture of apathy and cowardice that dominates today's society. Bureaucratic police chiefs, politicians and school administrators now insist that we DON'T get involved. They tell us things like; "Don't resist an attacker", "If someone demands your car keys and wallet, give it to them, they're not worth your life", or "Be a good witness, but don't put yourself in danger." Our children are now taught that when confronted by a bully, they should "turn the other cheek", walk away and tell a teacher or parent. Criminals take note of these things. They prey on the weak and seek out victims who appear unlikely or unable to offer any resistance.

And yes, I do believe that liberalism plays a big role in all of this. You see, liberals tend to be so apathetic and cowardly, that standing up for what is right is a foreign concept to them. They believe that it is the role of the government, NOT the individual to enforce what is morally right. They dominate our schools where America's children are taught to be apathetic. So now we have a society where so many people are afraid and/or unable to protect themselves or others in need. The ideas of self-defense, self-reliance and coming to someone's aid are now lost on so many. The bureaucratic liberals and government officials I speak of have so many convinced that big brother will always be there. They say, "don't help yourself... we'll do it for you." Remember hurricane Katrina where the knee jerk reaction was, "Where's the government?" Do you think the frontiersman who settled this nation relied on "big brother" when shit hit the fan??

I'd like to see Americans start acting like Americans again. We need to shed our weakness and become strong once again. Take responsibility for your personal protection and security. Don't wait for "big brother" to step in if you see someone in need, especially if you're with a group of friends and see a helpless individual being savagely beaten at the hands of a cowardly thug! Let us all stop being cowards and start being AMERICANS again!!

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Mav's Girl said...

I totally agree... defend yourselves!

When the bad guys start realizing people are going to stand up for themselves again... the personal crimes rate will drop dramatically.

I hear time and time again how prisoners say the thing that always scared them the most, was the possibility of the person they were robbing, fighting back - or having a gun of their own.