Wednesday, May 2, 2007

California Political Correctness

For today's example of out of control political correctness, we go to the heart of socialism in America... The People's Republic of California. In yet another stunning move to further degrade the moral fiber of America, a California legislator has proposed that the phrase "Mom and Dad" be BANNED from school textbooks. You see, socialists like this are working hard to protect the 10% of homosexuals in this country and to hell with the 90% of us who value the natural order of things.

What political correctness is doing to America's children is FRIGHTENING! Eventually, it will get to the point where they won't know what the difference is between male and female, boy and girl, man and woman. Gay and Lesbian interest groups and liberal politicians want "gender neutrality" to be the way of things. Which is to say that a person's sex would no longer be determined by their reproductive organs or biological makeup, but rather by how he/she "perceives" him or herself. So although God made me a man, I can actually consider myself a woman if I so choose... at least according to hyper left-winger guidelines. Where will the insanity stop!!??



Mav's Girl said...

I think kids and families were better off, when men were men...and women enjoyed being wives.

Maybe we all need to watch Leave it to Beaver, and try to go back to the values that show portrayed?

Mac said...

Pick your favorite search engine on the net. Type in "1963 communist manifesto". Click on the availiable links and be prepared to be shocked. Almost every part of their agenda has come to pass including this one. America we need to stand up and take back our country!!!!!!!!!