Saturday, August 11, 2007

Fight "Global Warming" With Taxes!!

Democrat Congressman John Dingell of Michigan announced a plan this week to fight the colossal hoax we know as "global warming" by hiking federal gasoline taxes by 50 cents per gallon and ending mortgage tax deductions on what he calls "large houses." Oddly enough, I seem to recall Democrats promising to reduce gasoline prices just prior to the mid-term elections in 2006. I guess that was just a pipe dream. Now their strategy is to simply collapse the economy for "the common good." Someone give me a bucket to puke in, please!

There can be no doubt that Democrats are chomping at the bit to significantly raise taxes on ALL AMERICANS! Gone are the days when they target only "the rich." A 50 cent tax increase on every gallon of gasoline would put a massive hurt on everyone! And these insane proposals are coming at a time when Bush is in the White House and liberals know all too well that he'd veto any such bills. Now imagine the chaos if Hillary were to be elected!! Liberal ideas such as these only confirm my belief that left-wingers won't be satisfied that we've done enough to reduce "global warming" until we're all living in hand-built log cabin homes and riding a horse and buggy again!

"Global warming" is a colossal hoax being perpetrated on the American people by left-wing nutjobs. Mankind is not a "cancer" to Earth and nature as eco-nazis would have us believe. We are but mere temporary residents of a planet that is FAR more powerful than we are!

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