Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Michael Vick and the NAACP

Well, the NAACP is at it once again. The Atlanta chapter of the group that promotes ADVANTAGE not EQUALITY for black people is demanding that the NFL allow Michael Vick to continue to play professional football after his prison term. Vick recently accepted a plea deal in the federal criminal case against his dogfighting ring. He's expected to serve 12-18 months in a federal prison.

Vick, who initially denied any and all involvement in this dogfighting ring, only capitulated after three of his co-conspirators rolled over and told prosecutors that Vick was not only involved, but was the ring-leader. They also testified to having seen Vick personally hang, drown and mutilate dogs who didn't perform well in fights.

So why, according to the NAACP, should Vick be allowed to continue his NFL career? Why should the NFL reward a convicted felon with a multi-million dollar contract after his prison sentence? Simple... because he's BLACK! You see, it's not Vick's fault he violated federal law. It's not his fault he flat-out lied to his employer about charges brought against him. It's not his fault he flushed his multi-million dollar career down the toilet for an illegal gambling ring that led to the deaths of several defenseless animals. It's all because he's black and "the man" has kept him down all his life. Racism in America FORCED Vick to break the law and murder animals, so he deserves a second chance.

Cry me a river! Michael Vick has been paid MILLIONS to play a game for a living! Neither he nor the NAACP have any justification for playing the race card in this case. He's been given advantages in life that most people dream of and he threw it all away. He deserves everything he gets and I hope federal prison is a nightmare for him!


Anonymous said...

This case saddens me in so many ways. I hope there are other animal-lovers in prison, that do to him what he did to those dogs.

Animals are God's gift to humanity. Dogs love us unconditionally. No matter what kind of day you've had...they are always happy to see you.

Each time I look into my pups faces, I see compassion, warmth, and love. Vick must be an evil man to so easily kill a creature with such soul.

- Erin

Anonymous said...

Did you hear that when he comes back to the NAACP-NFL his new sponsor will be Purina Dog Chow.

Ohio Dad