Monday, July 30, 2007

San FranSICKO... More Proof That Liberalism is a Mental Disorder

In August 2005, San FranSICKO city leaders rejected a proposal to anchor the mighty battleship U.S.S. Iowa at Fisherman's Wharf to serve her final mission as a floating museum and tribute to the Sailors and Marines who serve and have served in the Naval Forces. The Iowa served her nation proudly in WWII, Korea, Vietnam and the Persian Gulf, yet she was deliberately shunned by left-wing nutjobs, citing the city's opposition to the War on Terror and the military's stance on gays. This was an outright slap in the face of America's veterans and the U.S. Armed Forces.

In November 2006, San FranSICKO cut off all funding for Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) programs, because school board members said it promoted the U.S. military, war and the death of innocent people. These liberal crazies believe that a program that teaches high school kids important life values such as honor, commitment, respect and love for country has no place in San Francisco. Instead, the school district will institute a new character development program called GAYROTC. God only knows what that acronym stands for, but I can only surmise that this new program will teach the wonderful merits of sinning and violating the natural human order of heterosexuality to children.

More recently, the city has appointed a transexual sex-shop owner to be the new police commissioner. That's right, the person in charge of the city's police department, who are supposed to be the protectors of law and morality, is a sexual deviant transformer (more than meets the eye) who used to be a man.

Finally, today it was reported that San FranSICKO will BAN the U.S. Navy Blue Angels from performing flight demonstrations and historic fly-by's in said city. One S.F. city leader opined that the Blue Angels teach children that war is cool! Funny thing is, of all the times I've seen the Blues perform, never once did I see them strafe women and children. This team is made up of some of the finest men and women America has to offer which if anything, teaches children the importance of teamwork, competence, hard work and patriotism. These values are obviously completely foreign to left-wing nutjobs, especially San FranSICKOS!!

All of this is yet more proof that liberalism, is indeed, a serious mental disorder that should be treated with medication and electroshock therapy. Such hard core liberals are a serious threat to this nation and traditional American laws and values. San Francisco has essentially separated itself from the rest of the United States, which is just fine by this author. This city is basically its own little wanna-be communist state. Maybe it's time we treat it as such, otherwise the diseases born in S.F. are liable to spread! Fortunately, there isn't much procreation going on in San Francisco... if you know what I mean.



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Seriously - WTF? If this wasn't coming from you I'd think this was some goofy movie plot. Are you kidding????