Saturday, August 11, 2007

Tribute to a Fallen American

Today I bore witness to a somber yet heart-warming event. It was the return of a fallen U.S. Marine to be laid to rest here in Iowa. I don't know the specifics of how or where this American hero died, nor do I know exactly where he is from. It doesn't matter. I do know that he courageously gave his life in defense of freedom and justice.

Just before the aircraft bearing the flag-draped coffin arrived, a brief rain shower fell at the airport. It was as if God himself were weeping at the loss of this brave warrior. The crisp Marine Corps honor guard rendered honors as a Navy boatswain piped him ashore for the last time. Family members cried and held each other tight. "Rolling Thunder" was on hand to escort the funeral procession away. Their powerful Harleys flying American flags were truly a sight to see. God bless them all.

Witnessing this gave me pause and brought a tear to my eye. Thank God America produces such wonderful, brave heroes who willingly sacrifice so much for our very freedom. I wish every American had seen what I saw today. Moments such as this can only force one to reflect how fortunate we are to be AMERICAN.

May God care for and comfort the families and friends who are grieving this day. And may He bless this fallen warrior and forever keep him in the Kingdom of Heaven.


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Anonymous said...

If only everyone would pay respects to those who make our freedom possible... instead of using an honorable moment such as that, to say the war is pointless.

Because I'm sure that soldier was proud to serve. It'd be a shame if anyone says otherwise.

God Bless America, and our fallen heroes.