Friday, April 11, 2008

What You Didn't Hear on the Evening News


On 8 April, President George W. Bush posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor to Navy SEAL Petty Officer 2nd Class Michael A. Monsoor for heroic actions above and beyond the call of duty during combat operations in Ramadi, Iraq.

On 29 Sep. 2006, the 25 year old Monsoor was providing security for a sniper's nest when an enemy fragmentation grenade hit his chest and bounced to the floor. Positioned near the only exit, Monsoor could have easily escaped harm. Yet, without hesitation, he threw himself onto the grenade, using his body to absorb the blast. Monsoor's actions saved the lives of eight Iraqi soldiers and his fellow SEAL teammates.

One of Monsoor's teammates put it this way, "Mikey looked death in the face that day and said, 'You cannot take my brothers. I will go in their stead.'

In his remarks today, President Bush characterized PO2 Monsoor as an unlikely candidate for SEALS. As a child, he suffered from asthmatic attacks and coughing fits that routinely landed him in the hospital. Yet, he resolved to wean himself of his inhaler, strengthening his lungs by challenging his siblings to swimming contests. This dedication eventually led to Monsoor passing the ultimate test of mental and physical strength and endurance... SEAL training (known as BUDS).

I'd like to personally add that Petty Officer Monsoor and others like him exemplify what it TRULY means to be a patriot! While college students and 'Code Pink' protest America's warriors and burn the American Flag and Presidential candidates refuse to wear a simple flag lapel pin, rough and ready men like this Navy SEAL provide the very blanket of freedom under which we all sleep at night. And they do it with blood! God bless you Petty Officer Monsoor. Fair winds and following seas, shipmate!

-- Skyboss

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