Thursday, April 17, 2008

Jimmy Carter's Latest Disaster

Jimmy Carter was elected President of the United States 32 years ago and we are STILL paying the price. Carter's presidency is most remembered for the Iran hostage crisis, record-high inflation rates, the OPEC oil embargo, gas rationing and the sense of dread, despair and pessimism that spread like the plague throughout this great country. By most intelligent accounts, the Carter presidency was a disaster characterized by massive failure.

Despite pleas from the State Department and members of Congress, Jimmy Carter is spending today sitting down with the leader of Hamas, a well-known terror organization which openly advocates the destruction of Israel, one of America's staunchest allies. Furthermore, Hamas is responsible for the murders of 26 Americans and scores of Israeli civilians. Both the U.S. and Israel officially designate Hamas as a terrorist organization and refuse to negotiate with it.

So what good can come from a former President of the United States negotiating with the leader of a murderous, terrorist organization? NONE. Carter's visit is so naive and ill-conceived that more than 50 congressman have urged Carter, in writing, to abandon his trip to Syria, where the Hamas leader lives in exile. Carter's very presence with the Hamas leader lends credibility and prestige to the terrorist leader's cause and grants recognition and political sanction to terrorism. This debacle further underscores the naivete and dangerous views held by liberals when dealing with the enemies of freedom and liberty. Carter and his fellow peaceniks just don't get it! Negotiating with an enemy who is willing to strap explosive-laden vests to women and children only displays weakness. In the ongoing War on Terror, weakness is an attribute that the United States and her allies can ill afford to display! Nevertheless, while America's brave warriors are spilling their blood and guts to defeat terrorism, a former President of the United States is undermining their efforts with his credibility and prestige (or lack thereof).

In case you're wondering, Carter's "negotiation" with an enemy of the U.S. and her allies could easily fall under the definition of treason, seeing as how he is knowingly violating U.S. foreign policy and providing aid and comfort to the enemy. But don't expect him to be charged by the Justice Department. A move like that has no precedent.

-- Skyboss

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