Thursday, February 21, 2008

New York Times at it Again!

The Times has published a story alleging that Republican Presidential nominee and U.S. Senator John McCain had an unethical, sexual relationship with a female lobbyist more than eight years ago, allegations that both John McCain and the lobbyist both categorically deny. What makes this most interesting, is that the Times' story completely lacks any confirmed sources, quotes or facts to back up the accusations. Even more interesting to me, is that while the New York Times was sitting on this story, apparently waiting for the right moment to print, it was endorsing John McCain for President!

The object of this strange, slanderous attack is pretty clear. The Times endorsed John McCain during the primaries because they were scared to death of Mitt Romney. The Times wanted desperately to see Romney defeated because he's a Reagan-type conservative. Being a major part of the left-wing establishment, the Times sought to crush Romney's quest for the GOP nomination by endorsing "the lesser of two evils", given that McCain is less conservative. And the ploy worked.

So now the Times has turned on its heels. With Romney now out of the race, we see the paper falsely attacking the only remaining threat to Obama and/or Clinton. The Times' editors/reporters are so desperate to see a democrat win the White House in November, that they'll go so far as to publish a story that has NO merits, NO confirmed sources and NO evidence to back it up! In the end, the New York Times has done nothing more than reinforce its reputation for piss-poor reporting, liberal bias and scandal.

Perhaps Senator McCain should send the Times a "thank you" letter. For in the end, this blatant, slanderous smear campaign against the Republican nominee will likely galvanize conservative support for the GOP nominee. Conservative voters who may be less than thrilled at McCain winning the nomination, will circle the wagons around the man standing between Che Guevra Hussein Obama winning the White House.

-- Skyboss

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