Thursday, February 14, 2008

Another Deadly Massacre in Illinois "Gun Free Zone"

Another deadly campus shooting today resulted in at least 5 deaths and more than a dozen wounded. Today's massacre took place at the Northern Illinois University in Dekalb, IL. I mention the location because this is Barack Obama's home state, where law-abiding citizens are prohibited from carrying weapons for self-protection. In fact, the only people who carry guns in the state of Illinois are cops and criminals. Once again, the victims in today's tragedy were helpless to defend themselves against an evil psychopath who didn't care what the law says about carrying a gun.

Barack Obama is a hard core anti-gun politician and so it's fitting that he's from Illinois. It's even more fitting that as a former Illinois legislator, he's at least partially responsible for the people of Illinois being helpless to defend themselves against violent criminals. Obama has gone so far to express support for outright banning handgun ownership altogether. Apparently he wants the rest of law-abiding America to be completely defenseless against evil criminals, just like the poor citizens of Illinois.

-- Skyboss

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