Monday, October 8, 2007

Hillary Hires Convicted Felon Sandy Berger

Republicans are blasting Hillary Clinton after learning today that she has hired Sandy Berger, a former top aide to President Bill Clinton, to be her campaign's foreign policy and national security advisor.

Sandy Berger was Bill Clinton's national security advisor from 1997 to 2001. In 2003, while preparing for upcoming 9/11 hearings, he stole classified documents from the National Archives, hiding them in his clothing and eventually destroying them. Said documents were suspected to show that the Clinton Administration had FAR more detailed knowledge of the threat posed by Al Qaeda and Usama Bin Laden than it admitted to. Caught in the act, and after initially denying all charges, Berger later admitted to the theft and was sentenced to probation. He is also prohibited from handling classified documents until late next year.

We've all heard that Bill Clinton had several opportunities to kill or capture UBL during his administration. When covert CIA officers had tracked down Bin Laden in the Sudan, they had the master terrorist in their cross-hairs. Required to ask Washington for permission to "pull the trigger", it was Sandy Berger who denied the request, allowing the world's most wanted man to go free!!

While many folks are shocked that Hillary would make such a foolish political mistake, I am not. The Clintons are both known for dealing with felons and criminals in their quest for power. This is just another example of that. Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is now being advised on foreign policy matters by a CONVICTED FELON, who committed TREASON against the United States of America. It's almost unthinkable. While Berger should be turning big rocks into little rocks in a federal prison, he'll be working for one of the most powerful women in the country... a woman who wants to be president!!

Can Hillary be trusted to be president and Commander-in-Chief? Can she be trusted when she would hire a treasonous, convicted felon to participate in her campaign? Can she be trusted when one of her top aides is a man who clearly abused his power? The clear answer is a resounding "NO!"


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