Thursday, October 4, 2007

Hillary Clinton -- Your Baby is Worth $5,000!

In yet another professional politician type scheme to pander for votes, mainly from the poor, Hillary Clinton has promised to give $5,000 to every baby born under her administration should she be elected president. The cost? Clinton doesn't know. Will children born to illegal immigrants in this country be covered? No word on that yet. Who will pay for this program? You guessed it... YOU AND I WILL!

Since Hillary's latest "promise" offers very little specifics, we'll just assume here that the $5,000 would be placed in some sort of interest-bearing account that would most certainly earn more money over time than Social Security. The interesting thing is that the very people who support this ridiculous idea are the same people who vigorously opposed President Bush's plan for partial privatization of Social Security. Under Bush's plan, a worker may VOLUNTARILY place a portion of his FICA taxes in private stocks or bonds, allowing an interest rate that exceeds the one offered by Social Security. Under the current plan, the money vanishes into the hands of the government upon the death of the worker. Bush's plan would allow the worker to bequeath the money to his/her children.

So aside from the blatant hypocrisy, why is this plan so ridiculous? Well for one reason, it would reward illegitimate child birth. This program would provide incentives for folks who cannot feed, clothe or educate their children to have more babies. Programs like WIC, public housing, food stamps and daycare vouchers already do this. The statement made is simple... breed irresponsibly and the government will compel taxpayers to step in. Enough of my taxpayer money already covers the poor, the lazy and the incompetent. Now Hillary proposes to use even MORE of my hard-earned cash to pay for the future of other people's children!

What about my future? Social Security, in its current form, will be long dead by the time I am eligible for retirement. This government program, which I have paid into since the age of 16, will likely provide me with ZERO return thanks to the corruption and abuse that liberals have not only allowed but promoted. My parents did one hell of a job raising me WITHOUT the assistance of the government. Apparently, Hillary feels that today's parents aren't up to the task. But never fear... she's here to help. God help us all!

Hillary should read the results of the Welfare Reform Act of 1996, signed into law by the first President Clinton (and God willing, the last). Welfare rolls plummeted by 50% without an increase in abortion. Able-bodied people, faced with time limits and denied increases in monies, got off the couch and got a job!

-- Skyboss

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