Sunday, October 14, 2007

Hillary Clinton -- BIG SPENDER

Hillary Clinton's campaign spending proposals have already amounted to $756 BILLION in NEW government spending! Who would get to pay that massive dollar amount for Hillary's programs? You guessed it... the taxpayer! Let's have a breakdown...

- Hillary proposed an $8 billion a year college affordability program. Over a 4 year term that's $32 billion. (New York Sun)

- Hillary's health care plan would cost $110 billion per year or $440 billion over a 4 year term. Analysts predict her plan would actually cost far more. (Washington Times)

- Hillary pledges to create a strategic energy fund with a price tag of $50 billion. (Associated Press)

- Government 401(k) program for all Americans costing $100 billion over 4 years. (Boston Globe)

- Hillary's "every baby gets $5,000" program would average $80 billion over a 4 year term. (Associated Press)

- Hillary proposes $1 billion to help high-risk mortage borrowers. These are the folks who don't manage their money properly and purchase more home than they can afford. (The Washington Times)

- $10 billion for educating children in third world countries. (The Washington Times)

The list goes on, but I'm starting to get carpal tunnel syndrome. Full details can be obtained at

-- Skyboss


Barak Obamalama said...

You Have To Spend money To Make Money I Love Hillary

Anonymous said...

How Come You did not post my comment I am going on record right now on your blog for the whole world to see, well the 5 people that read this to see that I love Hillary Clinton. And when I lose the primary to her I say Clinton/ Obamalama 08'

Baraksalama Obamalama