Saturday, June 23, 2007

Ban ALL Nut Products From Our Schools?

Now to me, this is yet another example of political correctness gone completely overboard and clearly the woman who wrote this article fell off the deep end long ago! In the article, the author actually suggests that society as a whole should change its ways to accomodate her children. She says, "Every peanut butter sandwich brought into a school is like a gun pointed at a child with this disability." She goes on to compare peanut butter sandwiches to BULLYING! So, now we're comparing peanut butter to guns and schoolyard bullies?? Someone please tell me that I've wandered aimlessly into some nutjob, parallel universe.

Most folks I know wouldn't fare well with being run over by an automobile. If we apply this nutjob soccer mom's logic to that fact, then we should ban people from driving! To say this stupid article enraged me is an understatement. Our society has been forsaking the common good for the individual for far too long. So much so that individuals like this wacko now expect the MAJORITY to bend over backwards to accomodate her and her needs/wishes.

In closing, while I do sympathize with her children and their disabilities/allergies, they need to learn to adapt and live in the real world, much like I've had to adapt to my cat allergies. It's a sad shame that their mother lives in fantasy-land!


Rob said...

Just some quick thoughts:

1. Elementary school children can't keep their hands to themselves. If you know anything about young children you must be aware of this. While I don't know that I would ban peanuts entirely from schools, I don't see anything wrong with making kids with peanut products sit at a special table and then making sure they wash their hands afterwards, do you?

I agree older students in high school should be able to watch out for themselves.

2. While your cat allergy (and mine, I have a cat allergy too) is really annoying, it will not cause you to go into potentially fatal anaphylaxis within minutes like my brother's peanut allergy will.

Anonymous said...

My kid's school is considering banning all PB.

I wondered if they were going to ban OUTDOOR RECESS, too. There are probably kids in that school that would have the same reaction, should they be stung by a bee.

Another thought - who is going to 'police' the lunch boxes? Are the school districts in the nation going to have to add an employee to take care of this problem?

ChupieandJ'smama said...

My son has multiple food allergies, some of which are life threatening. Although I am not for banning food from schools, you need to understand what it's like from a food allergy parents perspective. Our children could die if they eat certain foods. This goes beyond just getting hives or throwing up. I think some parents on both sides of this issue are over the top, but it's fear and love for her child that compells the mother to want to ban peanuts from schools. She's not just trying to stomp on the rights of others, she's trying to protect her child.
You have an interesting blog here. I like your "99% of Demorcrats" banner.

Rob said...

To anonymous:

The school district could send a note home to parents informing them and their children that if they will be eating peanut butter they will be subject to the school district's peanut allergy policies. Getting kids to sit at the peanut tables would then be mostly a voluntary thing.

Every school already has lunch staff. For those who fail to put themselves at the peanut table voluntarily, all it takes is a lunch staff person who sees a kid with a peanut butter sandwich to bring him or her to the right place. No Orwellian "Lunch Police" needed, and some degree of peace-of-mind to parents with children who have acute allergies.

Anonymous said...

Well, I disagree Rob.

My daughter LOVES PB&J sandwiches, and almost lives off of them during much of the school year. I would bet, with some degree of certainty, that MOST kids bring PB&J some of the time. There are many FEWER kids with peanut allergies than there are those without. Seems to me would be to ask the MINORITY- the allergy kids, to sit at a designated table. To ask the "peanut friendly" kids to sit at a special table would be asking 90% of the kids to sit at a special table.

That is one the problems with our country and our stance on political correctness today. The MAJORITY is giving up their rights, and bending over backwards to make sure the MINORITY are happy.

Just my 2c.


Kylie said...


Allergies can be real and others use it as an excuse. My daughter almost died from anaphyllaxis - which is a severe reaction to an allergen. You can read about it on my blog.

If you are interested to learn more, see this site . This may open your eyes a little to what kids with severe allergies go through... this precious one passed away.