Thursday, June 21, 2007

Americans Have NO Confidence in Democrat Congress!

Recent Gallup polling shows that American confidence in the Democrat-controlled Congress is at an all-time historic low of only 14%. Honestly, this is not all that shocking to this author, though it is rather pathetic. This development only fulfills my personal prophecy of what would happen when the Dems swept both houses of the Congress. I suspected that once Americans had to face the daily agony of seeing the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Ted Kennedy and Hillary Clinton speaking as "America's voice", they would cringe with disgust.

Once elected House Majority Leader, Nancy Pelosi promised big, sweeping changes in Congress within the first 100 hours. She promised that Congress was going to work harder for the American people. But in fact, within those first 100 hours, she announced a day off for Congress to stay at home and watch the NCAA National Championship football game. Gee, us commoners didn't get such luxury from our employer. Soon, those 100 hours turned into 100 days and all we've seen from Pelosi and her Congress is blatant obstructionism. NOTHING significant has been accomplished since the Dems took control earlier this year. Hell, we even witnessed the Democratic Party attempt to destroy one of its own (Sen. Joe Lieberman of CT.) for straying from party lines and actually supporting the War on Terror. He subsequently won re-election as an Independent candidate. I guess the Libs didn't count on the fact that his constituents LIKE Lieberman.

Hence, we see now that the vast majority of Americans are truly ashamed and disgusted of their Congressional leadership. President Bush's approval rating, while low, is nothing compared to the obstructionist, do-nothing policies of those running the legislature. Armed with these poll numbers, I'll go out on a limb once again and forecast that the Democrats will LOSE Congressional seats in '08 and will LOSE their quest for the White House. For the Democratic Party, only some serious soul searching could prevent my prediction from coming true. Problem is, liberal Democrats don't have a damn soul to search!!

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Anonymous said...

Ouch! Ya had me up until the last line. Might be just a tad harsh, babe. But the rest has kudos~

Mav's Girl...