Thursday, June 28, 2007

Amnesty Bill on Illegal Immigration DIES 46-53 in U.S. Senate!

Wonderful news for the 90% of Americans who want to take back this country from those law-breaking, illegal aliens who think they have the right to demand amnesty and special treatment from America's immigration services.

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Mac said...

Our politicians are total out of step on the immigration issue. They don't see the border issue for what it is. It is a security issue. Not only are we giving away our sovereignty but we are allowing terrorist an open border to just walk right in an attack us. We need to shut down the border NOW!!! Then round up the 12 million illegals, find out who they are and deport the ASAP. Unfortunately this will not be the case. When we get attacked again and we will be attacked again, they will find that they came across our southern border and our politicians did nothing.