Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Terror & Panic in New York City!

Low-flying jumbo jet causes terror and panic in New York City. Another 9/11 style terrorist attack? Nope. That's just one of the "Air Force One" aircraft posing for photos in flight (there are in fact two identical Boeing 747's that serve as "Air Force One").

What sent New Yorkers running for their lives in anticipation of another terrorist strike, in fact, was little more than a VERY expensive photo shoot for one of The Chosen One's Presidential aircraft. Problem is, nobody at the White House bothered to mention this planned event to the mayor of New York. Apparently the Obama Administration has altogether forgotten what exactly happened on 9/11/01. This truly stupid display smacks of total lack of judgment and leadership and frankly, heads should roll for it!

The Chosen One, Barack Obama, rebuked the incident calling it a "mistake", further stating, "It was something we found out about along with all of you." So in other words, we're expected to believe that the Commander in Chief is so disconnected with folks in his administration that he learned of the incident the same way we all did... by watching the news??? Outrageous!! If that's even remotely true, it demonstrates that Obama is probably the most clueless president in American history.

And aside from the irresponsible lack of communication and executive leadership, let's talk about cost for a moment. Air Force One is estimated to cost $68,000 an hour to operate, mostly for fuel. At a time when the American economy is in real trouble and taxpayer money is being squandered in attempts to rescue failing corporations from their self-induced failure, the Obama White House figures it would be a good idea to spend $68,000 an hour (not to mention the cost of the F-16 fighter escort) to take photos of Air Force One overflying New York City, all the while inciting panic and fear among the residents of greater New York.

-- Skyboss

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Mac said...

Did any national news organization play this video????? I am sure the drive bys would have played the hell out of this video had it be a Republican President!!!!