Tuesday, June 17, 2008

From the Keyboard of a Loyal Reader and Fellow Blogger

"Barack Obama said that drilling for new oil in ANWAR and other sites will only mean a saving of a penny or two per gallon of gasoline. John McCain has come around to drilling for all the oil we have is okay, except for drilling in ANWAR. Could it be that all of the past months on the campaign trail has destroyed the minds of these presumptive candidates?

Let's get ANWAR out of the way - extreme low temperatures in the winter and zillions of mosquitoes and tons of muck does not a wilderness make - that is, one which is "pristine and of a high tourist and natural value".

But the main reason we should drill now is the lesson we learned, or should have learned, over three decades ago. Our positive interest in drilling in our own resources - working to become energy independent, will economically frighten OPEC nations. That happened in the latter half of the last century and will happen again. And the result of such action on our part is that the OPEC nations will drop the price of crude. After all, it worked last time, and then we stopped any movement we had towards energy independence, and it will happen again, except this time we should not be detoured in producing our own crude oil, and other energy sources, because of a drop in source price.

Of course, it now appears that our government - the Congress of the United States - and our probable president, are not really interested in such measures. Rather, it appears, certainly that under an Obama administration, there will be a desire to control the energy industry along with control of our people. Pure fascism - and in this case - liberal fascism.

Without the fortitude and the guts which have made this country the great nation it has been, we're going to end up like too many others - a weak citizenry with an overpowering government."

-- This is a comment left by fellow blogger and loyal "My Voice" reader, Joe Chernicoff. I enjoyed reading this comment so much, that I felt it deserved front page attention. Check out Joe's blog at http://www.itsthetruthblog.net/.

Thanks, Joe!

-- Skyboss

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