Thursday, June 26, 2008

Another Great Post From "My Voice" Reader, Joe Chernicoff

Just when I thought I wasn't going to have much to say about Obama, for a few weeks,at least, there he goes again, adding fuel to the fire.

In a speech he gave the other day, he went on the offensive against the Republicans, declaring that they were going to say he was young, inexperienced, and, lo and behold, he is a black man (well, that's not entirely true, but heck, he's at least one-half black, so I guess that qualifies him). So what's this sharpie Chicago politician doing? As Shelby Steele points out, Obama is a "bargainer". He's reminding all those 'ol white folks that when they vote for him, they will rid themselves of the racist label - they'll have put the burden of racism behind them. [Amazingly, as I went to post this blog, I heard that Ralph Nader stated that Obama's M.O. is to make the white man feel guilty!]

Ha! First of all, that theme is about as racist as you can get from the black man's perspective. Hey, all you crackers out there, throw away your mantle of racism and vote black! A true racist statement from the self acclaimed "great uniter".

Of course, I imagine that there are still plenty of moronic white folk across this great nation who believe they carry the burden of guilt for whatever is wrong with black people in this country, so they'll probably run out to make themselves feel better by voting for Obama to ascend to the presidency of this Republic.

It's funny, though - I think over the next few months all of this going to backfire on the Senator. When all you promote are national socialist liberal fascist programs which have never worked and never will, I reckon all that the best a candidate can do is promote guilt. Cheeeee.....

-- Joe Chernicoff

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