Saturday, November 10, 2007

What Democrats Stand For... Let's Dissect Them

1. IMMEDIATE and unconditional retreat from Iraq, the central front in the War on Terror. In recent months, attacks on coalition troops and Iraqi civilians are down 80%. The surge is proving to be an exceptional success. U.S. commanders have all but declared Al Qaeda in Iraq to be broken and shattered. AQI is no longer an effective fighting force. The flow of foreign fighters into Iraq has diminished. Iraqi civilians are increasingly taking charge of their country and working more and more closely with U.S. troops, yet House Speaker Nancy Pelosi refers to the war with phrases like, "there is no light at the end of the tunnel" and "Iraq is a disaster." Oh, but she supports the troops (riiiiight).

2. Higher taxes! M$$$$$. Clinton's new spending proposals will cost $773 BILLION and climbing. She can't pay for her programs without forcing crippling tax hikes on the American people.

3. Surrender of your personal freedom and liberties. For the past year, democrat leaders and Presidential candidates have been telling Americans that we're too stupid to take care of ourselves and we should surrender our lives to their control. Think about it. Democrats want to bail out folks who foolishly bought more home than they could afford or entered into high risk loans. The liberal food police think we're too fat, so they're going to control what and when we eat. Criminals use firearms to commit crime, so they want to try to abolish the 2nd Amendment so that NOBODY can own a gun. Higher taxes to pay for social programs to help those who refuse to play by the rules and earn an honest living.

4. Terrorists are people too and America must be gentle and respect their feelings. While Al Qaeda slices people's heads off with machetes, we must ensure that captured enemy fighters have the same, if not more legal rights than American citizens. They are entitled to legal representation and foot washing stations in captivity. Waterboarding a high value prisoner to get vital information that might prevent a mass casualty attack?? GOD NO! That's just mean!

5. Open borders. Liberals shudder at the idea of actually stopping millions of Mexicans from flooding across our border every year. Illegals make great puppets for liberals! In exchange for driver's licences, college tuition discounts and free medical care; illegals will support the democrat party, even if it's done illegally.

6. Further loss of religious freedom. The attacks on Christianity are getting worse and worse every day. Bleeding heart, liberal bureaucrats find crosses and crucifixes offensive. To them, God is bad and evil is perfectly acceptable so long as we appease it. Christmas lights and nativity scenes on your own home? Forget about it! For example, Ft. Collins, CO. has developed a "holiday decoration task force." Their goal... to make sure Christmas and Hanukkah DIE and give way to a more secular celebration. The 2% of atheist heathens in this country are actually given preferential treatment to the 80% of REAL Americans who love and worship God and believe that this nation was founded on the teachings of Jesus Christ.

7. American citizens serve the government, not the other way around. I cringe at what I've heard Mssss. Clinton utter so many times... "for the common good." Right. That's what Adolf Hitler, Nikita Kruschev and Joseph Stalin told their people when they took power. The people surrendered their freedoms "for the common good" and ended up with tyrannical dictatorships. No, Hillary is not Hitler reincarnated. But when the people surrender personal freedom and responsibility "for the common good", it is almost never returned.

Democrats have an insatiable thirst for pushing America further and further to the left, to the point where democracy will give way to socialism. Our Founding Fathers warned of this! Democrats preach that America is bad and the rest of the world, even the dictatorships (Cuba and Venezuela for examples) have it right. They say that it's patriotic to bash the Commander in Chief during a time of war. They say it's patriotic to offer more protection to the enemy than our own warriors who fight for our very lives. The libs have it all wrong! Senator Joe Lieberman had it right when he bashed his former party for abandoning the values it used to hold. He asked what happened to the party of John F. Kennedy who said, "Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe, in order to assure the survival and the success of liberty." If America is so bad, what will Msssss. Clinton do to make it better? The thought frightens me!

-- Skyboss


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