Friday, November 30, 2007


That is CNN's beloved LIBERAL reporter Anderson Cooper with a six-egg omelet on his face after it was revealed that Democrat insiders were either able or allowed to infiltrate the Republican debate televised on CNN last night.

Retired Brigadier General Keith Kerr used the YouTube format to challenge Republican Presidential candidates on their stance on gays in the military. Kerr has been a long time advocate against the "don't ask, don't tell" policy currently held by the Armed Forces, which incidentally, was instituted under the Bill Clinton administration. The retired reservist officer feels that gays should be permitted to openly serve in the military. No mention was made of the fact that Kerr is a member of a gay, lesbian and transgender steering committee for Hillary Clinton!

And it turns out Kerr wasn't the only Democrat supporter whose question was chosen by CNN for the televised debate. Ted Faturos, a student at University of California, San Diego, asked a question about corn subsidies. What wasn't revealed by CNN or Faturos, is that he worked as an intern for Democrat Rep. Jane Harman.

One woman, who identified herself as "Journey from Texas" asked candidates about whether they would prosecute women and doctors if abortion were made illegal and the practice continued. Problem is, "Journey" is an active John Edwards supporter! Shortly after the debate, she posted a web video on under username "PAPERSERENADE" wearing a John Edwards t-shirt explaining that she was disappointed with the answers to her question. There's a SHOCKER!! She's a liberal asking the opinion of Republicans... what did she expect?

This debacle begs one to question whether CNN or the Clinton campaign planted these questions in a collaborative effort. Honestly, I see this as CNN (Communist News Network) showing its true colors. They tout themselves as "America's #1 name in news." In all actuality, CNN is nothing more than America's #1 name in biased propaganda! And naturally, the Clinton campaign denies any involvement in this incident. Just as they deny any involvement in the massive amount of illegal campaign contributions they've received and the planted questions at Hillary's stump speeches, they proclaim their hands are clean once again. If nothing else, I must admit that Hillary is a master of denial.

Imagine the backlash if FoxNews allowed Fred Thompson's campaign advisor to ask Mssss. Clinton if she could provide receipts for the multi-thousand dollar campaign contributions she's received from shady donors in some of the poorest neighborhoods in New York! Good Lord, the Democrats would wet themselves in anger! All of this serves to further prove my point, and I make it often, that Democrats will stop at nothing to bring themselves unto power. As for CNN's part in all of this... well hell, charging CNN with fair reporting is like ordering the fox to watch the hen house.

-- Skyboss

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