Saturday, April 28, 2007

Dummycrats Debate... Is The World at War Against Terrorism?

Democrat candidates debated each other for the first time on Tuesday, April 26th. For me, the most interesting portion of this debate was when the moderator asked the candidates who believed that there is a global war on terror to raise his/her hand. To my surprise, Hillary Clinton was the first to raise her hand (good for her)! Next was New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson. Lastly, Chris Dodd sheepishly raised his hand.

My point here is that of the eight Democrat candidates for President, FIVE of them do NOT believe in the Global War on Terror. Are you kidding me?? The Russians are fighting Muslim terrorists in Chechnya. The Allies are fighting terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan. Here recently, a major terrorist plot was foiled in Saudi Arabia. There's the Bali bombing, the subway bombing in the U.K., the attack on the U.S.S. Cole in Yemen and the list goes on and on and on. Yet still, only three of the Democrat candidates believe there is a Global War on Terror!? Unbelievable. Anyone who doesn't realize by now that the free world is completely at WAR with fascist, Muslim extremists is a fool!

When you consider who you wish to vote for and who you support for President of the United States, remember that you're putting your very life in his/her hands. We can continue to hunt down and slaughter the enemy on his soil or we can follow the cowardly, liberal way, which is to put our heads in the sand, wait for the next 9-11 scale attack and hope for the best.


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