Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Can someone show me a Democrat with a spine??

Franklin D. Roosevelt used any and all means necessary to ensure victory in WWII. After FDR's death, Harry Truman ordered TWO nuclear weapons to be dropped on Japan, which brought the Land of the Rising Sun to its knees. John F. Kennedy faced down the Soviet Union when nuclear missiles were placed in the Communist nation of Cuba.

So what has happened since then? Democrats handcuffed American forces in Vietnam to the point where total victory simply could not be achieved. Democrats TRIED to fight Ronald Reagan's hardline stance against the U.S.S.R during the Cold War. Thankfully they failed and history has proven without a doubt that Reagan's "big stick" policies won the Cold War. Most recently, Senate majority leader, Harry Reid, announced that the Iraq War is lost! What??!!

The Iraq War is lost?? American forces toppled Saddam Hussein's government in three weeks. Baghdad rapidly fell in a stunning example of American military might. A ruthless dictator was captured and subsequently killed by his own people. Saddam's sons and political allies were either captured or killed by Allied Forces. And now as American troops proudly and bravely fight Al Qaeda terrorists in a land far away from American shores, Harry Reid proclaims American defeat!!

This is a dangerous time for America and the free world. We are in a life or death struggle with savages who want our ultimate destruction. Instead of showing some guts and supporting the fight against the enemy, cowardly Democrats think we should throw in the towel and retreat. No, you'll never hear them put it quite that way, but that is exactly what they want. It's what the enemy wants as well!



Maverick's Girl said...

I just wish the Democrats that have already thrown in the towel, would realize the damage they can do just by saying we've lost. Our troops don't deserve to be let down that way by the government they are defending.

Anonymous said...

Okay, how about Zell Miller and Joe Lieberman? Can you show me a republican with a strategy to win the war and not just a plan to stay the course?

Skyboss said...

Joe Liberman WAS a fine Democrat, but he was eaten alive by his own kind in the mid-term elections. Zel Miller was also a fine Democrat, but even he saw the major problems and lack of courage in his own party.

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Ohio Dad said...

Mr. Anonymous, Is cut and run a strategy? or surrender? If anything we should get tougher in the Middle East, especially Iran. We can not give up, we must fight the extremists in their own countries, not ours. If we quit they will come here for sure. The Republican strategy to stay the course is much better then surrender and running home and waiting for the next attack. WE DO NOT WANT OUR BOYS TO HAVE DIED IN VEIN.
It may be time to deal with the extremists the same way we dealt with Japan. You don't see Japan causing any problems in the world anymore do you.