Thursday, November 6, 2008

Still In a State of Despair

Well folks... we're fucked! Frankly, I am shocked, saddened and fearful for what has happened and what will happen to my beloved country. In fact, I still need a few more days of seclusion.

I'll be back in action soon! The resistance has begun!

-- Skyboss

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Mac said...

Do not dispair!!!! The Republican party and America need Obama. Both the party and the country have lost their way. Obama will help both focus on what is important. We will be watching Obama and his socialist party every passing minute. Those who voted for Obama will soon have their eyes opened to what they have done. In just 2 years, the mid term elections will be upon us and a conservative revolution will sweep across America. That will be the beginning of a conservative revolution that hasn't been seen since Reagan. Keep the faith!!!!!