Thursday, October 9, 2008

ACORN -- Fraud, Abuse & How America Pays The Price

So what is ACORN? What does it do and why have we heard so much about it lately on the news? The Association of Community Organization for Reform Now (ACORN) is a non-profit community of mostly black, low-income families that addresses housing, elections, income and other "social issues." As a non-profit organization, it receives Federal funding and is expected to be nonpartisan and non-political.

However, the truth is, this radical organization has openly expressed its support for Barack Obama, maintains an affiliation with a political action committee that is closely associated with liberal Democrats, and is actively involved with massive voter fraud throughout the nation.

ACORN can be linked directly to America's current mortgage/economic crisis and the $700 billion congressional bailout we all love to hear about. ACORN has both bullied banks and lending organizations, big and small, and pressured Congress to make home mortgages and loans more readily available to low-income families. Attorneys for ACORN have threatened to sue and/or boycott lending organizations if they failed to abandon traditional lending practices that require proof of income and/or down payments. Along with pressure from Congress, banks and other lenders began issuing mortgages without proof of income and/or down payments to high-risk, low-income families. Mortgages that those families otherwise would never have qualified for. And now that the bubble has burst and these mortgages are in default, you and I get to pay for these atrocities with our tax dollars. Americans who work hard and pay their bills and budget their personal income, are paying dearly for the outright fraud and abuses of groups like ACORN and the Congress.

But the outrage doesn't stop there. ACORN goes a step further in defrauding the American people. This organization also has its hands dirty with voter fraud. In Ohio, in 2004, four ACORN employees were indicted by a federal grand jury for submitting false voter registration forms.

In November 2006, four ACORN employees were indicted in Kansas City, MO. for voter fraud registration.

In 2007, five ACORN employees were sentenced to jail time for voter fraud.

And more recently, a Las Vegas, NV. ACORN office was raided by the FBI after more allegations of voter fraud arose. I saw a tv interview today with an Ohio woman who was pursued and harassed by ACORN employees asking her to register to vote. When responding that she had already registered, they continued to pursue her, demanding that she "just sign here" to register again. It seems that ACORN employees are paid based on how many registrations they collect, whether they're legal or illegal. The woman in this particular interview ended up having registered to vote SIX TIMES and has since been contacted by the feds, being told that she will have to re-register LEGALLY and that she may not be able to vote at all this election cycle for legal concerns.

And this is not an isolate incident. In Las Vegas, feds discovered the entire Dallas Cowboys football team as having registered to vote in an ACORN office. In Missouri, officials have identified about 100 duplicate registrations and probably 280 addresses that don't exist. One Ohio man was discovered to have been registered to vote over 70 times! ACORN even registers dead people to vote! And let's keep in mind here that ACORN, which is supposed to be nonpartisan and non-political, is very closely associated with Democrats and pressures voters to vote Democrat. There is even speculation that Barack Obama did legal work for ACORN before becoming an Illinois senator. I will personally go so far as to say that the liberals are doing everything in their power to cheat the American people and steal this election! They have had their taste of power over the last two years and are hungry for more and they are determined that nothing will stop them from acquiring it... neither the law nor the American people!

So Democrats have been in charge of Congress for two years now. And with George Bush being a "lame duck" president, the libtards and Democrats in this country have become drunk with power. So take a moment and examine where this country has gone in the last two years. Thanks to the Democrats in Congress and the efforts of liberal groups like ACORN, this country's economy is going right down the shitter! America faces an economic crisis the likes of which we have not seen since the Great Depression. Now imagine the consequences of having an empty suit like Barack Obama in the White House to "fix" this mess. A mess that he played a major role in causing. America is actually very close to electing the Senate's most liberal politician to govern over an economic crisis caused by liberal policies. That's sort of like asking the fox to guard the hen house!

-- Skyboss

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