Friday, May 16, 2008

Liberal Activist Judges Strike Again!

In yet another stunning assault on traditional, American values and the sanctity of marriage, the California Supreme Court overturned a state ban on gay marriage, showing utter disregard for the will of The People and the will of God. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger says he supports the decision and U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi praised the decision stating, "Today is a significant milestone for which all Californians can take pride. I commend the plaintiffs from San Francisco for their courage and commitment."

So once more, we have a handful of gays and lesbians, with a few liberal judges on their side, who have somehow managed to turn the laws of nature and the word of God completely upside down. The voice of The People has been overturned by a small, yet obviously powerful minority who seek special treatment.

Some readers of this article might find themselves thinking, "Why should I care? That's California. It won't have any impact on me here in _____." Sadly, you couldn't be more WRONG! When the will of The People can so easily be overturned by such a small minority, we must all recognize that we're living in dangerous times. The roots of Marxism are growing stronger and stronger with each day. We are indeed living in dangerous times when American values, the laws of nature and the word of God are tossed aside to appease a small percentage of genetic freaks who want to play the system and force their way of life upon the rest of us.

I urge my readers to spread the word that it's high time for us REAL Americans to wake up and take our nation back from the Marxist liberals who continually thrust their societal experiments upon us! Our society is slowly, but surely being destroyed by "special interests" and bleeding-heart, spineless politicians who lack the courage and backbone to stand up and defend the voice of The People! From Florida to Maine and New York to California, it is time for us real Americans to make our voices heard. Let us put an end to the disease of liberal activism.

-- Skyboss

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