Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Armed Citizen Saves Lives - CO Missionary Shootings

Sunday's shooting rampages at two Colorado missionary centers have much in common with so many other similar incidents. A lone, crazed gunman, angry with society decided to seek revenge with the senseless murder of innocent people.

There was one thing the shooter, Matthew Murray, didn't plan for... the one significant factor that differentiates Tuesday's attacks with so many others. What you won't hear from the leftist media is that he failed to choose a "Gun Free Zone"for his attacks. He wasn't prepared for Jeanne Assam, the armed citizen who wasn't just another helpless sheep.

Assam, a former Minneapolis police officer, is being credited with saving dozens, if not hundreds of lives with her selfless act of bravery. When she heard shots being fired and witnessed people running for their lives, she ran toward the gunfire with her own weapon drawn. Though outgunned and facing a madman armed with a rifle and a thousand rounds of ammunition, Assam engaged Murray with her pistol from behind cover, striking him several times and severely wounding him. Murray, defeated and wounded, chose a cowardly retreat and reportedly finished himself off with a shotgun blast.

The media is missing one key point in all this. They report Assam as being a church security guard. In fact, Assam is not a professional security guard! If one looks through the smokescreen of the media coverage, it becomes clear that she was a volunteer, armed with her pistol and concealed carry permit. Sunday's incident highlights what those of us in the "gun culture" have known all along... in the hands of a responsible, armed citizen, firearms can and do in fact SAVE LIVES!

-- Skyboss

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